The four sequential novels are FINALLY complete and on-line.  They are Volume #1 “One for the Show” 1936 – 1948.  The writing style is a satire of the feel-good, patriotic, WW11 Hollywood movies with a chunk 0f historic wartime action and sensual activity.  ~~~ Volume #2 “Three for the Money” 1948 – 1950.  This is a satire of movies of the period that captures the dramatic, first person flashbacks of the forties with weird dreamlike, echoing sound effects and considerable comic relief. ~~~ Volume #3 “Four to get Ready” 1950 – 1958.  Done with a documentary style (time and date), but filled with sex, violence and nostalgia.  ~~~ and the conclusion (maybe not), Volume #4 “Two to Go” 1958 – 1970.  Every twist and turn imaginable in a complex, unique plot with Las Vegas intrigue,  golf and a giant gorilla.  They are all written in the first person in a fast paced visually oriental style and contained by adventure, mystery, violence and death.  There’s terrific sex that occurs in strange places and in unique ways, but that will always be an important part in my novels.  Accurate history describes the assassination of our President, a threat of nuclear war from our own back yard and a cold war with Russia that turns red hot!  The enormous financial success as hotel and casino owners in Las Vegas, leads our heroes into a fierce and bloody mob war with a very unusual conclusion.  Our story ends with a grand celebration and a full circle reunion of the original cast.  There are many strange endings, running the gamut of physical titillation, excitement and suspense, That I believe will surprise you.  The four cover illustrations are slightly out of sequence because I wanted to do the titles as a repeat of the nursery rhyme cadence;  “Three for the Money”, “One for the Show”, “Four to get Ready” and “Two to Go”, pretty slick for an old fart, don’t you think?

bookcoverart4[1] COVER_OnefortheShowC audible10 COVER_TwoToGoB 

There are two sites where you will get a very comprehensive overview of the four volumes. On my personal site at; see a five to fifteen minute preview of each novel at YouTube with links to the Amazon, Kindle and Audible novel ads and DVDs You can also read the prologue and about five chapters of each Kindle book by going directly to each link on the Amazon ads on my face book site at; – Photos – Albums – “My Audible Books, Kindle Books and DVDs”.  Click on “Look inside” over the cover image, top left to read the prologue and first five chapters.  Also see an expandable synopsis, previews and reviews.  For the audible version, on Facebook as well, read a full synopsis with professional reviews.  You can do a one click download of each book for $9.99 at the Amazon Kindle book store.  The four audible books on that album, are $19.95, also downloadable.  You can find a video preview of all the novels, and DVDs on my YouTube site at;

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Along with the cover illustrations, on this blog there are images of a movie and TV posters, “Lassiter” and “Winds of War”, done in the most brilliant medium of all, transparent watercolor (pure pigment on 300lb. Arches watercolor paper. It’s precisely what I want for these graphic novels.  There are proposed Catherine (2) and Susan images.  Tommy and Steve are extremely unusual and huge, ready for action characters and are still in casting mode.  Have also included all four of the novel cover illustrations.  The manuscripts are very close to scenario ready.  All that’s left to do is find interested investors, a production company, proper facilities and the right kind of technicians  It does appear to be a considerable determination.  However, success in the world of movies and television could mean a huge payday!

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I ask each one of you that read this blog to get back to me with questions and suggestions, anything that could possibly help us get this show on the road. The other seven blogs on this page are now published online world-wide by Artworld International, exclusively to major galleries, collectors and prospective clients.  You are seeing the North American format at;

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