Lincoln’s Getysburg Address 150th Anniversary



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Lincoln’s Getysburg Address, 150th Anniversary

lincoln - f567L-6R-630012Join me – I’m beginning a very important commission, “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address” the 150th anniversary, November 19th. 1863. As most collectors know, nothing was recorded for posterity. This iconic speech, this nation’s most important two minute historic address was never photographed because Brady’s camera wasn’t set up in time. The Army War College has commissioned me to re-create this glorious event. The complete process goes from preliminary sketches to the final dedication ceremony and signing of Ltd. Ed. Prints. Please join me. I am adding four new photos of the drawing on canvas. Working with a simple 2B graphite pencil, drawing on hard primed canvas is quite difficult and not definitive. The graphite is not absorbed. It smears, wears off and even blows away. This is not a pleasant phase for the artist, but absolutely vital to the finished work. It’s the skeletal armature of the painting. The most important element of this phase is relative size, perspective and basic placement of the major parts, considering a best composition. You’ve already seen detail sketches of some principles on arches art paper. They will all be refined in the painting, especially the hands, which I include in all portraits whenever possible. They are the kinetic of personality. A hand gesture, an attitude of the body, truthfully describes the subject, well beyond any facial expression. The hands in this drawing are not much more than stick figures. They’re too important! I’ll be using models and great care in execution. The painting is well along in my mind’s eye. The sky is colorfully dramatic with the brightest sun struck cloud forming a halo over and around Lincoln’s head. The landscape is rich with fall color, interesting homes and buildings are projecting in and out of patchy overcast, fogged by distant,
misty atmosphere that gives depth to the painting. As with the houses, buildings and colorful trees, The carriage coming through the Evergreen Gatehouse and the cavalry patrol working the perimeter, are there for size and subject to placement change after the fact. Beyond the army color consistency, the clothing colors of the gentlemen are much broader than you may suspect with browns, burgandy blues, various hues of grey and black. The women of course, are a rainbow of color, The podium with 200 guests and the table are both graced with red, white and blue bunting surrounds, all on a 6″ pine board floor, sanded and varnished. Flags can be added, the only flag visible in the drawing is an 1863, 35 star circle pattern held on horseback by a cavalry trooper behind the crowd. Any large flag on stage would have to be, by tradition, on Lincoln’s right, blocking much of the background. In my opinion, there is sufficient bunting giving flag representation. The next step – The under-painting. EPILOGUE To all my friends. The dedication ceremonies for Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address “The Turning Point” painting was met with rave reviews, from Major General Cucolo, his permanent staff and 400 of the top ranked military creme de la creme of many nations, the most important of our military officers, the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Special Forces and some very important civilians, etc., all of them there by special invitation. It was a wonderful experience to be in their company!!On July 15, 2013, a large, beautiful coffee-table book will be introduced by the U.S. Army War College. The contents describe and depict in magnificent high-resolution, photos of class gifts from 1956 to the present, including every stained glass window and every painting. My portrait of “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address – The Turning Point”, honors me with two pages as the finale, the climax of the book. The painting fills one full page 13″ X 10″, plus another full page containing my bio and additional photos. One is my self portrait, another shows me in my studio working on the bas relief of Henry Ford playing one of his two Stradivarius violins. It’s installed in the lobby of the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville Tennessee. A personal series of Limited Edition Prints, 25 numbered APs and 175 regular signed & numbered are available on my site at: or call me at; 1(865) 207-4971. Thanks for your interest!!


  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 01

    Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, painting for 150th anniversary. The is the revised stance for the address, his right hand touches his Bible, his left holds his notes. Red, white and blue bunting has been added to the table surround to match the surround of the stage.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 02

    Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, 150th Anniversary commission. Primary sketch Principles, front row, left to right,- NY Governor Seymour, Ohio Governor Tod Small.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 03

    Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, 150th Anniversary commission. Primary sketch. Principles front row – Left to right – Hon. Edward Everett, Sect. of State Seward, Gov. PA Curtin, Sect. Stanton.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 04

    Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, painting for 150th anniversary. Preliminary sketches. This is a painting size study of Ward Hill Lamon, Lincoln’s personal bodyguard.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 05

    Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, painting for 150th anniversary. Preliminary sketches. The Evergreen Gatehouse has been revised to show the back of it (cemetery side) and includes the gatekeeper’s cottage. Crowd is revised with some cavalry added. Ward Hill Lamon has been added. Ciulp hill is added on the right.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 06

    Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, painting for 150th anniversary. Preliminary sketches, Evergreen Gatehouse, gatekeeper’s cottage, cavalry, Ward Hill Lamon and bunting surround on table.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 07

    “Lincoln’s Getttysburg Address”, Final drawing on hard primed canvas.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 08

    “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”, Final drawing on primed canvas. Left side detail of principles.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 09

    “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”, Final drawing on primed canvas. Full side to side detail of principles.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 10

    “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”. Final drawing with several revisions. Gov Curtin (rt. of Lincoln) has been redrawn to a recognizable state. Table is extended to remove tangents. Umber wash is now applied to seal drawing and rid stark white.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 11

    “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”. The redrawing of Gov. Curtin and another flag bearer added behind podium.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 12

    Audience heads tilted up to better contact Lincoln.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 13

    “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”. This is the beginning of the color Phase, where we bring the image to life with paint on canvas. Fall color, trees, buildings and houses yet to be added in this area, plus spots of sunlight.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 14

    “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”. Underpainting with detail enlargement.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 15

    “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”. Underpainting with some areas worked, everything to be refined.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 16

    “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”. A detail look.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 17

    “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”. Another step closer with a few of the principles!

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 18

    “lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”. More principles. To Lincoln’s right, Governor Curtin, PA, Sectretary Stanton, Governor Seynour, Ohio, A major General, Everett’s neice and still to do Governor Tod Small, NY.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 19

    “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”, Finished and refined.

  • Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 20

    Final corrected hi resolution, color matched image of the completed portrait, 40″ x 30″ on stretched canvas.